Two-Week Ecuador Itinerary

Two-Week Ecuador Itinerary include activities such as Hiking in Cajas National Park, admiring Quilotoa Vulcano, having fun in the adventure city of Baños, a quick view on the coast of Ecuador, wander in the cities of Cuenca, Guayaquil and the capital, Quito. For Galapagos another 5 days and over 3000 USD are required.

Two-Week Ecuador Itinerary

Cuenca – 3 days

First day you can wander in Cuenca and admire the beautiful architecture of the city that is the most organized and beautiful in the country. I have stayed for 2 nights in the brand new Bauhouse Hostel.


If you have time you can take a bus to the viewpoint (mirador de Turi) and watch the sunset from there.


In the second day you should visit the Cajas National Park that is a bit more than one hour away from the city. The bus one way will cost you 2 USD and there is no entrance fee in the park if you hike by yourself. Chose one of the hikes from 3 to 8 hours, get some orientation and enjoy the view. Be sure to have enough hot clothes because the weather in the park is really cold.


The third day you can go early morning to the amazing fruits and food market, spend quality time there then try to get a bus to the coast (163km away) in the afternoon.


Salinas – 2 days

The coast of Ecuador is not amazing, but the city of Puerto Lopez can be interesting for diving and whale watching. I spend 2 days in Salinas but was not lucky with the weather and the only highlight of the city is the Chocolatera (the most salient point of South America in the Pacific where the converging currents,  lift the sandy bottom and give the chocolate brown of the sea.) I have booked a night in Chescos Hostel in front of the beach. The city of Montanita is famous for party.


Guayaquil – 2 days

I wasn’t expecting much about Guayaquil but the city surprised me a lot. A friend from couchsurfing, Andre Paez took his time to show me the entires city! Starting with a park full of Iguanas. In 1960 a group of mormons took some Iguanas from Galapagos and wanted to take home but the government of Guayaquil did not allow and let the animals free in seminar park.

seminariopark seminario-park

The light house is a great viewpoint from the city.


You can spend the second day walking in the malecon (a coastal walk) and renting a bicycle to visit the Santay Island. The bike rent cost 4 USD and you can cross the bridge to the island and visit an Eco Village, that helps 56 families, according to the newspaper El Telegrafo.

Baños – 3 days

Considered the adventure sports capital of Ecuador Baños has plenty to offer. The first day you can rent a bicycle for 5 USD and cycle the 7 cascades. A few canopies are available on the way for 10 USD each and the longest has 1025 m. Save the second day to visit the original tree house where you can swing in the abyss and watch the volcano.


In the third day enjoy the hot springs, do some radical sports such as the columpio extremo and wander in the city. Rafting and abseil available for around 30 USD.


Latacunga – 2 days

Words can’t explain how beautiful is this the Quilotoa Volcano crater filled with water. From Latacunga you take a bus in the terminal to the Quilotoa Park entrance. Than you hike 1 hour down to the lake and 2 hours up. Longer hikes are also available and horse rents as well.

two-week Ecuador Itinerary

Quito – 3 days

In the first day at the capital of Ecuador you can explore the historical center that has a beautiful cathedral. A good viewpoint from the city is from the top of Panecillo, also a touristic attraction.

cathedral-quite panecillo

The second day you can take a bus or taxi to the Middle of the world in Latitude 000′.


Use the third day to do a day trip to explore the Otavalo market, 60km away.

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