Christ the Redeemer on a Budget

If you want to go the cheapest way and explore Christ the Redeemer on a Budget you will need to pay at least 28BRL (9USD) in low season and 41BRL (13USD) in high season just for the entry fee. Now the trick is how to get there the cheapest way.

Christ the Redeemer on a Budget

The statue of Jesus Christ, one of the new 7 wonders of the world is located in the top of Corcovado Hill at 700 m height. Considered the biggest statue in art-deco style in the world, it is 38m long and is heavy as 1.1 ton.

The convenient way – by van

To reach the main gate at Paineiras most of the people chose the shuttle service organized by the company that run vans every 30 minutes from the districts Copacabana, Largo do Machado and Barra da Tijuca.  They can be booked straight in the website or on these locations. With this service they will bring you in Paineiras and drop you back in the district you booked for 61-74 BRL (low-high season) including the entry fee. That is the most convenient way and means that per person you spend about 30 BRL just for transportation.


The most interesting way – by train

If money is not a big deal for you, and you are not in a rush the best way is taking the train from Cosme Velho that goes all the way to the summit of Corcovado also for 61-74 BRL (low-high season). The diference is that you will need to reach the Train station in Cosme Velho district, but a range of buses can easily bring you there. The train in a rack railway, is a historical site as well, created in 1884 and open for visiting on 1931 it takes 20 minutes to reach the summit. You must buy the tickets online as the ticket office do not sell tickets for the same day. To book online you can go in the official website. Picture by Trem Corcovado.


The best way for a group – by taxi

If you are in a group of 4 people you can consider taking a UBER from Cosme Velho district to the main gate in Paineiras, that will cost for the group about 40 BRL return. Since you are sharing, the total cost of transportation, instead of 30 BRL (with the vans) it will be 10 BRL per person. With the UBER you can also ask to visit the Mirante Dona Marta, that has a great lookout from the slums. Above a picture with the view from Christ the Redeemer on the city.

Christ the Redeemer view

The budget solo traveller option – by bus

If you want to do the hardest way you can catch one of these buses, 006, 007 and 507 that has the final stop in Rua Almirante Alexandrino 6086. In this place you turn right on the stairs and following the railway you will reach Estrada das Paineiras 476. This location is 3 km away from the main gate in Paineiras and is about one hour walk. Over there you can get your entry tickets. The bus fare return will cost you a bit less than 8 BRL.



When you are in Paineiras, you can buy your ticket in machines with credit cards or in the information office.


This ticket will include a 5 minute shuttle to the Christ the Redeemer gate, from there you have a few steps up or the lazy option, a lift and escalators. There are restaurants, souvenirs shops and toilets available.


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