How it began

Everything started in the beginning of 2014, after coming back from a backpacking trip in Bolivia, Chile and Peru.
With a MBA and seven years of career, I was working an average of 16 hours per day in a major telecommunications company in Rio de Janeiro. With a healthy 2 hours sleep, in the worst days, coffees and pizzas as my best friends, I was wondering myself if this lifestyle was a good idea … I concluded, it was not.


After visiting 100 cities in 20 countries, during vacations, and meeting travellers in their sabbatical periods, I started to research about long-term travel. I quickly discovered many tricks that could make travel way cheaper than what we usually think. The idea of taking my savings to travel for a year trough 65 countries was starting to become a reality in my mind. Of course the decision to leave the comfort zone is always a challenge.

But if you are a rational person, who planned your trip, have some savings or set a specific and safe strategy to make money during the journey, travel around the world is nothing more than the most wonderful thing a person can make in life.
I quitted my job in 7th May 2014 and bought a flight to go to Madrid on the 8th of August.


One day after my decision, Swiss Airlines launched a dream job to be paid to travel the world for 6 months, called The Swiss Explorer. How come??? It was destiny. 1440 people, including me, applied for the position. I reached to be one of the 10 best candidates, which allowed me to get a free flight for the interview in Zurich, Switzerland. After a full day of interviews, Nick, a German guy, got the position. So I decided from this day to launch my own content. Why not, Franz Explorer?

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